About Us

The Name:

sugar • illa • shop 

Sugarilla Shop was founded by two best friends (a mother and daughter duo) in 2011, however the name "Sugarilla" can be traced back almost 20 years. Inspired by her daughter’s sweet-like-sugar personality, unique style and attitude, the nickname “Sugarilla” stuck. Almost 20 years later, the name perfectly set the tone for the two best friends, their outlook on fashion, and the story behind their store, Sugarilla Shop.


About Us:

Sugarilla Shop is the go-to online retail destination for unique clothing, offering a wide variety of hand-picked apparel from New York to Los Angeles along with trend driven styles and runway inspired looks from the fashion industry’s cutting edge contemporary, young contemporary and designer labels. Since its launch in 2011, Sugarilla Shop has grown to become a leading online retailer. In addition to its outstanding customer service, Sugarilla Shop delivers a fun shopping experience for women around the globe.

Sugarilla Shop is warehoused in Oklahoma City, with team members strategically located in fashion capitals across the globe including Los Angeles and New York. Based solely online, Sugarilla Shop's main objective is to reach fashionable customers from all over the world.
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